Creating International Opportunities

Smart College Consulting, along with its parent company, Smart College Group, is the sole American partner of Liaison America.

Liaison America and Smart College Group offer customized, international education programs for faculty, college students, administrators, and prospective students. Our goal is to create opportunities that facilitate cultural exchange, language immersion, student recruitment, and experiential global learning.

LA and SCG currently offers the following short-term study abroad programs:

    • Environmental History & Natural in Brazil – Interdisciplinary study including history, biodiversity, nature conservation, & sustainable development
    • Brazilian Legal System & Language – Introduces students to Brazil’s legal system with emphasis on international business
    • Consumerism, Culture & Sustainability – Social sciences exploration of global society through cultural study
    • Brazilian Business – Introduces students to specific topics on Brazilian Business including organizational strategy, social, cultural & economic aspects of the country
    • English Language Teaching: Developing 21st Century Skills – Designed for ELT teachers, this immersive course intertwines language and culture to provide an intercultural approach to instruction

Faculty Teaching Opportunities in Brazil

Our outreach to create global learning opportunities begins with developing workshops and classes for U.S. faculty to teach in Brazil.  Through our professional relationships in Brazil, we have established a network that connects us with middle and high school principals and educators, as well as faculty and administrators at colleges and universities.

International Student Camp

Brazilian students love to visit the U.S. during winter, which is why we offer “The Leader in Me” camps during January. The programming for our student camps focuses on developing student leaders combined with academic programming unique to your institution. We enroll 10-20 students per camp and work with our college/university partners to offer an in-residence/on-campus experience. Brazilian students gain an immersive English language experience and insight to life as a U.S. college student. University students get to glimpse life as an international student.

International Student Recruitment

Building relationships with educators, students and their families is the cornerstone of how we approach recruiting students internationally. Through the partnerships and programs we are creating, we are expanding an already robust network of people committed to global education and cultural diversity.

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