It’s never too early to ask for help.

girl with hat_1000The college admissions window has a way of sneaking up on us. One minute our child is making the transition from elementary to middle school. The next thing you know, the child has become a teenager and the transitions are coming faster and harder than ever before. It’s a lot to take in and not everyone is moving at the same pace and nor should they.

We can begin working with students as early as middle school through first semester of college, and any where in between.

But, before we can begin to help, we do two things: we review and we listen. Then we talk.

We need to see a student’s transcript, writing samples or essays if they’ve gotten that far, as well as other information that helps us get to know your student.

Next, we need to hear from each parent and the student so we can learn about goals, needs, interests and desires.  We can’t move forward with helping your student until we know where he or she is coming from.

To get started, fill our our contact form so we’ll know how and when to contact you and your student.