It’s no lie. Applying to colleges can be stressful, let alone all the work and preparation that is necessary before you apply. We could probably list a hundred or more reasons to hire a college admissions and career consultant, but it’s easier to ask you to answer these questions:

  • Do you understand what’s involved in finding the right fit in a college, both academically and financially?
  • Do you understand how college admissions really works? What enrollment management means? The differences between liberal arts colleges and universities, or a private versus a public education?
  • Would you ever consider attending colleges you have never heard of?

As consultants, we work with families to enhance their understanding how the college admissions process works and how to prepare a student to become college-ready.

We provide guidance on high school and college level course selection; help students stay on track with deadlines; provide advice on what to put in the college or scholarship application essays, and help find the colleges that provide the best fit for each student.

We help students and parents understand the student’s preferences and options so that they can graduate on the right track and without significant debt.

Our goal is to help with self-discovery and assessment, to help identify, apply, and gain admission at a college that meet’s your financial goals and will further your student’s goals.